This is it.


Just why then do I currently run a B-16 head?

Well, it was free. That, and somebody else put it on for me.

I am still a basically lazy person. And even though I preferred the drivability of the LS/B18a head, changing back would mean extra work for me. The VTEC head will stay in for the short term, while I sort the chassis and work on my driving/race-craft skills. But I am not loyal to this engine combo at all.



LMS Honda Intro

VTEC... God am I tired of hearing about VTEC. Honda make such good engines. Yet all the modern gear heads talk about is VTEC.

The first time I saw a four valve per cylinder head was as a kid. Dad had to drop in to Ed Pink's shop for some reason, and there was a Cosworth head on a bench. It was beautiful. I was barely 9 or ten years old. But compared the the small block Chevy heads I'd seen before, the Cosworth head looked like a piece of jewelry. At the time, I knew nothing about air flow, port velocity or valve sizing. But this was a thing of beauty. A work of art.

Fast forward thirty years or so, and I'm hanging around all these Honda enthusiasts. All they talk about is VTEC. Ever look at an LS (B18a/b) head? Its killer. Wonderful shit. Sure, it doesn't flow the same volume of air that the VTEC heads do, but you know what? The LS heads are nearly as trick and they are totally ubiquitous. Littering junk yards all over the country. Race-quality engines with second citizen status because the are not VTEC. Fuck VTEC. I'm so tired of hearing about VTEC I want to puke.

VTEC is for street cars. A compromise between street car needs and race car power. Two cams, basically. One for low RPM, idle, fuel economy, smog and everyday drivability, the other for power. If I'm using an engine for racing, do I really care about anything but power? No. I don't. That's why I could care less about VTEC. It is a compromise.

I'll bitch more later. For now, you should know that I think the LS head offered on the Honda/Acura B18a/b engines are damn nice pieces of engineering. And they are being totally overlooked but the masses of Honda fans building cars for performance. They are also being overlooked by the sanctioning bodies that write rules for Honda motors in their classes of racing.

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